can you count the number of dots...?

haiku taiyonnaraba -- ahouba numit
taibangpal asida ei
kangaonare hey
india winds up 2010 on a high note -- dec 24 2010
HIGH FIVE: in the last two months of the year, india played host to the p5--the five permanent members of the unsc. with approvals and support india is likely to get a seat soon. bilateral trades and defence deal were the other two main highlights of the visits. heads from america england russia and france were praised by the media, while the chinese wen booed. no surprises! 
freedom of free press -- 5 jan 2011
lost count how many times did the media in manipur closed shop last year. state and nonstate actors have been showing their might on the fourth estate. no newspaper has been published so far this year. last week, last year government policemen, disguising themselves as underground activists, had kidnapped an editor of a leading local paper. and so the protest, the news blockade.
my wish: buy a rocket... load all the fuckheads [government + ug's]... and send them off to uranus    
problems to the solution jan 7 2011
i oversimplify things a lot. it’s good for problem solving—identify, understand, evaluate and choose the best solution. however, the problem to choose what to cook for dinner can be easily tackled; the confusion of, for example, idealism on revolution and social unrest can be hardly solved even with the most complex algorithm. life is full of contradictions.
reluctantly jumping to conclusion jan 11 2011
these are perfect days to herald a new political situation in manipur. ever since the arrest of the unlf chairman, the establishment has been provided with a once-in-a-lifetime offer to solve the crisis, or at least, lay a groundwork. however, they are taking a sadistic pleasure out of the prized capture. we have known from the wikileaks that the issue of insurgency is a trifle for the delhi masters but it's time that the people take up some concrete action.
on simplification of the utter confusion jan 18 2011

The politic has been refashioned on the line of ethnic nationalism in the northeast. it arises from a condition that our acclimatisation to the indian union failed, due to reasons the government is only answerable. and it results that the very immature politic has augmented further fragmentation with several ethnic groups trying vehemently to protect their identity.

Watch this space!!!